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Affiliate Widgets don't display on my site
Affiliate Widgets don't display on my site

Advice on how to set your Affiliate Program to ON

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If the Affiliate Widgets don't display on your site, here are some possible reasons:

1. Your Affiliate program is not turned ON.

In this case, make sure to open the Affiliate Portal and set it to ON, and also the Campaigns page and set at least one campaign to ON.

2. You are not logged in on your site as a Site Member - read more about how our app works with Site Members and how to enable this on your site. To see the Affiliate Widgets, login on your site.

3. Another site element (for example, chat) is overlapping the widgets. In this case, you should slightly move the position of the widgets.

4. The current user has not accepted the cookie banner displayed by your Wix Site. Affiliate widgets will display as soon as "Accept" is clicked.

Please note that if you don't see this type of cookie banner on your site it means that you have already accepted it and this is not the problem. Once the cookie banner is accepted, it will not be shown in future browsing sessions.

5. Another app is blocking the rendering of the Affiliate Builder PRO app. Sometimes other apps experience errors and it may be that our app is affected by those errors.

To check this, please open Manage Apps.

Then disable all other apps that have Pause Script as option (you need to click this option). Leave only the Affiliate Builder PRO as enabled.

If the app doesn't work after checking all the steps, please let us know and a team member will help you.

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